The MV Galaxy in Hamburg
(c) Ron Buninga



Hans Knot: The Radio Day 2011 brings memories of many radiostations, including Radio London. Big L was not only popular for millions of listerners but also brought an exclusive sound to Europe which wasn't heard here before. From late 1964 up till August 1967 the station was "wonderful" but had to close down due to the introduction of the Marine Offences Act. Those who listened to their Final Hour couldn't believe that 44 years after the closedown of Big L still hundreds of fans of the station would get together in 2011 to listen to the stories of their heroes from the sixties. Just before the Radioday I got an e mail which made me very happy. Ron Buninga, son of captain Buninga, scanned his slide archive and came up with wonderful pictures of the Galaxy in colour, which have not been published before. So have a look and enjoy these pictures taken in Hamburg harbour, probably in early 1968.



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