At least 400 people from England, Scotland, Belgium, Germany, Finland, Hungary, Australia and most of all the Netherlands visited the Radio Day in Amsterdam on Saturday 12th November 2011. For the second time, we gathered in the new Hotel Casa 400 in the Eerste Ringdijkstraat 4 in Amsterdam. With its modern facilities and technique, the new building allowed us again to open a big "Radio Day Marketplace" including several stands with offshore merchandise, a bar and most of all enough place to meet and greet. In addition the enlarged "Radio Day Conference Hall" with capable loudspeakers, several headlights and a modern projector meant "easy listening and viewing" for up to 300 visitors in the room.

We started with a dialogue between Jonathan Marks and Andy Sennitt on the “History of Radio Netherlands’ Media Network”. Then, Josje de Munck was presented with the prime copy of the Hans Knot’s new book “Laser 558 – All Europe Radio”. You could watch parts of the new video "Actum Agere" containing an interview with Gerard van Dam who chatted with Leendert Vingerling on the podium. Gerard and several of his former colleagues then took part in an interesting panel about Radio Delmare. “The forgotten stations from former wartime defence forts” was the title of the second panel in the English language. Radio Veronica followers were fascinated by Juul Geleick and his dialogue partners "op volle kracht". “Get Your Kicks On 266 with Radio London memories” was our final panel in 2011 which saw several several guests coming from abroad and even from Australia! Finally, the third Radio Day Awards Ceremony was held.


Radio Day Awards 2011

For Top Technical Support of Offshore Radio:
Dave Hawkins [Radio London] (laudation: Peter Chicago)

For an Outstanding Contribution to Offshore Radio:
Hans ten Hooge (Hogendoorn) [RNI] (laudation: Nico Steenbergen)

For Offshore Radio Writers and Historians:
Juul Geleick (Radio Veronica) (laudation: Hans Knot)

For an Outstanding Contribution to Offshore Radio:
Marc Jacobs (Rob van Dam) [Radio Mi Amigo / Radio Caroline] (laudation: Martin van der Ven)

For Offshore Radio Anoraks:
Sietse Brouwer [Radio Waddenzee / Radio Seagull] (laudation: Rob Olthof)

For an Outstanding Contribution to Offshore Radio:
Graham Gill [Radio London, SRE, Radio 390, Radio Caroline, RNI]  (laudation: Bob Noakes)


Many former (mostly) offshore radio colleagues attended (we do hope we haven't forgotten the one or other). These were Jonathan Marks, Andy Sennitt, Josje de Munck, Gerard van der Zee (Gerard van Dam), Ronald Bakker, Marcel Stevens, Ronald van der Vlught, John Anderson, Jan Olienoot (Leendert Vingerling), Paul Freeman, Guy Hamilton, Bill Rollins, John Stewart (Aston), Dick Dixon (Dickason), Roger Scott, John Ross-Barnard, Ad Bouman, Harry Knipschild, Dick Klees, Bert Alting, Hans Becker, Jan Herrmann, Juul Geleick, Ian Damon, Graham Gill, Dave Hawkins, Norman St. John, Ron Buninga, Mick Williams (Ray Clark), Marc Jacobs, Ferry Eden, Will van der Steen, Peter Chicago, Bob Noakes, Robert Owen, Hans ten Hooge (Hogendoorn), Peter Jager, Marc van Amstel, Dick de Graaff, Nico Steenbergen, Peter Ford, Herbert Visser, Ray Anderson, Dennis Jason, John Dwyer, Jan Veldkamp, Ad Roberts, Dick Verheul, Peter de Vries (Wout van der Meer), "Harkie" Paul Harald van Gelder, Freddie Schorsch, Jan Sundermann, Johan Vermeer, Elly van Amstel, Sietse Brouwer, Walter Galle, Martin Green (Groen), Kevin Turner, Trevor Adams, Albert and Georgina Hood, Ad Petersen (Roland).

René van den Abeelen showcased his unique miniatures of legendary radioships, multiplied in tin by a professional foundry. Hans Hettelder proudly presented his superb radio ship models. Hans Becker showcased his Veronica pictures from the seventies. Museum RockArt presented a splendid kaleidoscope of radio merchandise.

Hans Knot, Rob Olthof and Martin van der Ven would like to express their thanks to everyone who attended the Radio Day making it a huge success again! And most of all we would like to say a big thank you to our vital "helping hands" Jan-Fre Vos, Jörg Krips, Patrick Ambergen, Kevin Krips, Meindert Dikboom, Hill Favre, Ben Meijering, Jan van Heeren, Luc van Heeren and Jana Knot-Dickscheit. Without you we would have got totally stuck.


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A Radio Day 2011 kaleidoscope
"Meet and greet"

The Story of Radio Netherlands' "Media Network"
A dialogue between Jonathan Marks and Andy Sennitt

Josje de Munck being presented with the prime copy of the Laser 558 book written by Hans Knot

Het Gerard van Dam interview (delen van de nieuwe video "Actum Agere")

Panel: Het Radio Delmare avontuur
Een panel met Gerard van der Zee (van Dam), Ronald Bakker (André Zwinkels), Marcel Stevens en Ronald van der Vlught. Gespreksleider: Jan Olienoot (Leendert Vingerling)

Panel: The forgotten stations from former wartime defence forts
A panel with Paul Freeman (Radio Essex), Guy Hamilton (Essex), Bill Rollins (Tower), John Stewart (KING, Essex), Dick Dixon [Dickason] (Sutch, Essex) and Roger Scott (Essex). Moderator: John Ross-Barnard (Invicta, KING)

Panel: Op volle kracht - Herinneringen aan Radio Veronica
Een panel met Ad Bouman, Harry Knipschild, Dick Klees, Bert Alting, Hans Becker en Jan Herrmann. Gespreksleider: Juul Geleick

Panel: Get Your Kicks On 266 - Radio London Memories
A panel with Ian Damon, Graham Gill, Dave Hawkins, Norman St. John and Ron Buninga. Moderator: Ray Clark

The Radio Day 2011 Awards Ceremony presented by Hans Knot




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Alex van den Hoek (part 1)

Alex van den Hoek (part 2)

Dick Klees (Bert Alting over Radio Veronica)

Dick Klees (Award Juul Geleick)

Dick Klees (Award Hans Hogendoorn)

Tommy Hoofland




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