Approximately 350 people from the United States, England, Scotland, Ireland, Belgium, Curaçao, Germany and most of all the Netherlands visited this year's Radio Day in Amsterdam on Saturday 14th November 2009.

Many former offshore radio colleagues attended (I do hope I haven't forgotten one or two). These were Keith Skues, Klaas Vaak (Tom Mulder), Jessie Brandon, Charlie Wolf, Mike Barrington, Johnny Lewis, Ray Anderson, Dennis Jason, Leendert Vingerling, Paul Jackson, Jim Perry, Herbert Visser, Steve Conway, Ingo Paternoster [AFN presentation], Nigel Harris (Stuart Russel), Bob Noakes, Graham Gill, Richard Thompson (Bob Lawrence), Martin Fisher, Ray Clark, Bill Rollins, Peter Chicago, John Dwyer, Robert Owen, Peter Clayton, Ferry Maat, Edo Peters, Jan Veldkamp, Ad Roberts, Peter de Vries (Wout van der Meer), Cliff Osbourne, Rusty (Terry Purvis, tender captain MV Mi Amigo), "Harkie" Paul Harald van Gelder, Peter Ford, Richard Staines (Steve Silby), Clive Derek (Roylance), Robbie Owen, Stewart Payne, Elija van den Berg, Freddie Schorsch, Wim van Egmond, Elly van Amstel, Hans ten Hooge (Hogendoorn), Nico Steenbergen, Sietse Brouwer, Ad Petersen (Roland) and Ferry Eden.

This year we're celebrating the 25th anniversary of Laser 558 starting its transmissions from the MV Communicator. That's why the Radio Day 2009 had a Laser Reunion with Jessie Brandon, Charlie Wolf, Mike Barrington, Johnny Lewis, Ray Anderson, Dennis Jason, Leendert Vingerling, Paul Jackson and Jim Perry. The extended Laser panel was hosted by Johnny Lewis. There was exclusive Laser video footage supported by the late Liz West's brother. And Ray Anderson and Herbert Visser exposed original Laser 558 and Laser Hot Hits studio equipment.

Keith Skues had been celebrating his 70th birthday a few months ago. He also celebrated 50 years on the radio in 2009. Keith was our special guest this year. He proudly presented the second edition of his famous "Pop Went The Pirates" book. Keith was interviewed by the Dutch radio legend Tom Mulder.

An enthusiastic response came from Steve Conway, well known for his stints on the MV Ross Revenge in the 1990s. Some months ago, Steve has published his book "Shiprocked". Steve was heard on stage in a longer dialogue with Nigel Harris (Stuart Russel) who presented his new book called "Ships In Troubled Waters".

Ingo Paternoster pleased us with a fascinating AFN presentation.

Mark Oud and Hans Hettelder showcased their superb radio ship models. The Internet station Radio Mi Amigo 192 broadcast live from the adjoining bar (download their Radio Day promo). As we had been talking of books: Bob Noakes was proud to present the second (expanded) edition of his bestseller "Last of the pirates". To conclude the day, Graham Gill sang his offshore radio evergreen "Way Back Home"...

Hans Knot, Rob Olthof and Martin van der Ven would like to express their thanks to everyone who attended the Radio Day making it a huge success again!



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The audio files:

AFN presentation by Ingo Paternoster

Keith Skues, interviewed by Tom Mulder

Steve Conway and Nigel Harris in a dialogue

Panel "Laser 558 - 25 Years Later"
Jessie Brandon, Charlie Wolf, Mike Barrington, Ray Anderson, Dennis Jason, Leendert Vingerling, Paul Jackson and Jim Perry
Moderator: Johnny Lewis

Radio Day AWARDS celebration
Moderator: Hans Knot

Graham Gill singing

[mp3-CD-Download "The Graham Gill Collection"]


Video by Ben Meijering:



 The Radio Day Awards 2009

For the second time in a row, the organising team of the Annual Radio Day in Amsterdam introduced the "Radio Day Awards", which are a bi-annual event. We give awards to acclaim the efforts of several special people who stood up for the watery wireless which brought about free radio without governmental control. Besides Britain several other offshore radio stations of the 1960s and 70s (especially Radio Veronica off the Dutch coast) led to the vast choice in radio that we all enjoy today, thought-out Europe. These awards go to revolutionary radio people, living and contributing to the media during this all important period in the European radio revolution.

The six 2009 Radio Day Awards (known by the nick name ‘The Radies’) again had 4 categories and were awarded to:

“An Outstanding Contribution to Offshore Radio” (3 Radies)
Keith Skues, Johnny Lewis and Jessie Brandon

“Offshore Radio Top Technical Support”:  Leendert Vingerling

“Offshore Radio Writers and Historians”:  Harm Koenders (Harm got his Radie on 4th December 2009, see picture)

“The Radio Anoraks Award”:  Alan Milewczyk

Last but not least Bob Lawrence presented Nigel Harris (Stuart Russel) with an extra Lifetime-Award for "33 years with Radio Caroline".

The celebration of the Radio Awards 2009 was presented by Hans Knot at the Radio Day in Amsterdam on 14th November (unfortunately co-presenter Robbie Dale was unable to attend due to health reasons).

John Myer, Bob Lawrence, Douwe Dijkstra, Rob Olthof,  Martin van der Ven and Hans Knot spoke the laudations and presented the winners with the Radies.



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Vincent Schriel

Ben Meijering

Ben Meijering (video)

Douwe Dijkstra

Douwe Dijkstra (video)

Wim van de Water

Radio Mi Amigo 192

Hans van Dijk

Clive Derek

Jon Myer



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