Radioday 2000 in Amsterdam


On Saturday March 25th 2000 200 radio enthousiasts attended the annual Radioday in Amsterdam, organised by Foundation for Media Communication (SMC) and Freewave Media Magazine. You could watch some interesting videos including exclusive 8 mm footage from Radio Veronica. There was a documentary on the Radio Veronica Revival last year with material put together by Linda Stoltenberg from SBS 6. And there was some video footage of Martin van der Ven's Israel boat trip in November 1999. Hans Knot presented his new book "De Historie van Radio Mi Amigo, Deel 1", and many new CDs, t-shirts, videos and cassettes could be purchased at different sales stands. Guests included Dick Verheul and Ad Petersen (Roland) from Radio Mi Amigo plus Andrew Austin (Radio Caroline�s satellite service) and Bob LeRoi (ex-Radio City).


amstd1.jpg (40862 Byte)

Kees Borrel, Ad Roland (Petersen) and Dick Verheul (all ex-Radio Mi Amigo)


amstd2.jpg (32323 Byte)

Jelle Boonstra interviewing Ad Roland


adroland.jpg (34731 Byte)

Ad Roland at work at the NOS studios in Hilversum in the mid seventies


amstd3.jpg (42869 Byte)

Dick Verheul and Ad Roland


amstd4.jpg (44992 Byte)

Hans Knot and Linda Stoltenberg (SBS 6)


amstd6.jpg (22434 Byte)

Rob Olthof (SMC)







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