Radiodag Haarlem May 10th 1997


Around 200 offshore radio supporters attended the Dutch annual meeting "Radiodag" in Haarlem/Netherlands being organised by the Stichting Media Communicatie. Amongst them were Herbert Visser (Radio Monique International, now at Radio Noordzee Nationaal), Ad Roberts (Radio Caroline, Radio Monique International, Radio 558 and Radio 819), Ron West (Radio Monique), Edo Peters (Radio Monique) and Bob Noakes (Radio Caroline, RNI).

Paul Rusling was intensively interviewed by media journalist Hans Knot (Freewave). Paul told the audience about his involvement in different offshore stations such as Radio Caroline, Laser 558 and Arutz 2000. He also spoke about his efforts in setting up uncounted European landbased  radio stations. One of the latest projects is Keltic Radio, a rock station from the Isle of Man, probably starting at the end of the year. Paul didn't agree that much with Steve Conway's depressing view on offshore radio's future.  But he clearly pointed out that only a financially backed-up and well organised radio station would have a chance to survive on the high seas of the North Sea. 

The Society of Radio Jingles and Themes intoduced their brandnew CD "The History of Offshore Jingles, Part 1" narrated by Keith Skues.

Haarlem 5



Haarlem 8

Paul Rusling being interviewed by Hans Knot

Haarlem 1



Haarlem 3

Jelle Boonstra (Society of Radio Jingles and Themes)



Haarlem 2

Rob Olthof (Stichting Media Communicatie)



Haarlem 4

Free Radio Campaign Germany (Wolfram Bender and Frank Leonhardt)



Haarlem 6

Herbert Visser



Haarlem 10

Martin Wallis and Sietse Brouwer (Caroline Sales)



Haarlem 9

Mark Stafford  (Radio Broadcasting Library)



Haarlem 7




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