Radioday 2000 in Amsterdam


amstd8.jpg (49225 Byte)

Andrew Austin (Caroline�s satellite service) and Bob Le-Roi (ex-Radio City)


amstd9.jpg (46058 Byte)

Hans Knot and Bob Le-Roi




amstd10.jpg (57643 Byte)

Sietse Brouwer (Radio Caroline)


amstd11.jpg (37124 Byte)

Andrew, Bob and your webmaster


amstd12.jpg (47592 Byte)

Sietse, Andrew, Bob and Gerhard Fiolka (being and wearing an anorak)


amstd7.jpg (18338 Byte)

Jelle Boonstra


amstd5.jpg (27080 Byte)

Hans Knot and Martin van der Ven



Radio Day pictures from more than 3 decades